when we believe we can't, we prove ourselves wrong

when we believe we can't, we prove ourselves wrong


At Costavisions, we extend a warm welcome to all the creative minds across Latin America. Our mission is simple yet powerful: to cultivate innovation and entrepreneurship in regions where technology and imagination merge to create enduring value, fuel economic progress, and breathe life into groundbreaking ideas. We are committed to walking alongside entrepreneurs and creators on their journey to success, collaborating closely with key stakeholders.

Our laser focus rests on innovative ideas, and our unwavering enthusiasm to empower entrepreneurs is at the heart of our vision. As part of this exciting journey of innovation and growth, we invite you to take part in our call and become a vital part of this transformative narrative. Join us as we shape the future of innovation in Latin America.

"We foster business ecosystems that champion inclusion and diversity, we want to contribute our bit to the development of our generation".

our mission and commitment

At Costavisions, we firmly believe that diversity and human development form the bedrock of a robust and sustainable future. Our focus is twofold: we nurture not only innovative ideas but also the individuals behind them. Through mentorship, resources, and unwavering support, we empower entrepreneurs to unlock their full potential, thereby paving the way for a more prosperous business landscape.

Moreover, we hold diversity in high esteem, recognizing that genuine innovation emerges from a rich tapestry of perspectives. We actively seek to include voices from all walks of life, enriching creativity and decision-making in the process. Our commitment extends to the creation of an inclusive environment that mirrors the vibrant diversity of Latin America.

what kind of projects can apply?

At Costavisions, our belief in the limitless potential of innovation knows no bounds. We welcome a vast array of ideas and projects, to put it simply—anything and everything! If you possess a creative, innovative, and exhilarating idea, we extend an open invitation to apply. Our doors are wide open to ideas and projects spanning a broad spectrum of categories, including, but certainly not limited to:

technology and Applications

if your idea involves technology, app development, or software, we're interested in hearing it. from mobile apps to innovative software solutions, all are welcome.

products and consumer goods

do you have an idea for a new product or brand? we're excited to explore proposals related to consumer goods, from electronics and fashion to direct-to-consumer products.

entertainment and creativity

ideas related to entertainment, such as video games, interactive experiences, music, film, or any form of creativity, are our top interest.

culinary arts

if your project involves food, restaurants, or culinary industry innovations, we want to know more.

sustainability and social change

ideas that have a positive impact on sustainability and social change are paramount. if your project is designed to make the world a better place, we want to hear about it!

books and media

if you have an idea related to literature, writing, media, or any form of creative content, we'll welcome it with open arms.

fashion and lifestyle

fashion and lifestyle are ever-evolving fields. if you have a vision to change the way we live and dress, we're interested in your perspective.

Finance and Fintech

If your idea is in the realm of finance or fintech, we're interested. From financial apps to fintech innovations, your ideas are welcome.

Join the Journey of Innovation with Us

At Costavisions, we are eager to delve into a diverse array of ideas and projects across numerous industries and domains. Regardless of the stage of development your idea currently occupies, if you possess passion, creativity, and a clear vision, we are thrilled to discover it and collaborate with you to propel it to new heights.

how does this work?

pitch your idea

the first step is simple. bring your innovative idea and apply it. we would love to hear about your proposal and listen to what you have in mind.

confidentiality assured

we value confidentiality. for your peace of mind, we offer the option of a non-disclosure agreement that you can download. this ensures the protection of your ideas while you present them.

open submission period

we will have an open submission period until december 15th. this gives you time to prepare and refine your proposal.

idea selection announcement

once the evaluation process is complete, we will announce the selected ideas on january 12th. get ready to share your vision with the world!